Congratulations on Your Healthy Life!

We are all created with purpose to be productive members in our families and community.   Nourishing our bodies, therefore, is the platform for a healthy mind and heart to complete the work our God has called us to do.

Karen Feldmeyer is a registered dietitian licensed in the state of Ohio who desires to help people live healthy lives within the constraints of chronic illness by teaching practical nutrition concepts to minimize symptoms, reduce risk for hospitalization, and continue to lead productive lives.



  • Special Diets
  • Meal Plans
  • Healthy Family Meals
  • Dietary Consultation


How can I stay on track?

Find a family member or a friend who will check in with you to ask about your progress or to see how your plan is going.   Having a support system can help you even when your willpower is weak.

Understanding Your Special Diet

Time spent in the hospital is very short.  Much information is given to you for your care once you go home.  Understanding how nutrition plays a role in symptom management can be key to staying out of the hospital.  If you have been placed on a special diet and want to understand how to fit it into a meal plan or if you desire to optimize your nutrition, a consultation with me would be most beneficial.

Your Personalized Meal Plan

Your personalized meal plan may require limiting or adding certain foods, beverages, vitamins and/or minerals to sustain or improve health.  Disease processes can affect how a body uses foods so making changes in your diet may be the key to your general well-being.  Meeting together provides an opportunity for me to learn your current eating patterns and together make changes suitable to your lifestyle while optimizing health.

Stay on Track

Sharing your nutrition goals with a spouse, family member, or friend is a great way to help you be accountable for the necessary changes you need to make to be healthy.  While chronic illnesses have limitations, keeping on track with what you eat and drink may be the difference needed to keep symptoms manageable.  Bringing someone you trust with you for consultation with me may be helpful for reinforcement and support.

Follow Up

Follow up consultations are very important to continue the momentum started in the initial meeting.  Discussing what is working well and what needs to be changed allows for customized meal plans to become part of your daily routine.

Be Determined

You are your best motivator!  Changing your diet and lifestyle to optimize your health comes from within.  While loved ones can encourage change, you ultimately decide the degree to which the change will occur.  Remember, breaking habits takes time.   Reinforcement and encouragement from your family, friends, physician, and me will help provide strength and hope..

Maintaining Balance

Start with a few simple changes.  Once those are well in place, other changes can be added to your plan.  Trying to do too much at one time is overwhelming and can tip the scale.

What is Chronic Illness?

Chronic illness is a condition or disease process that affects how a person lives each day.  Changing how you eat is one type of treatment to optimize your health and lead a balanced life.  Seeking help from your physician and meeting with me can help you get started and continue on a path to live life to the fullest.